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Social Trading
Is one of the modern evolutions in the field of online trading and its potential has been realized every day.

Social Trading with eToro on the most popular social trading platform, find the best social traders here.

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Copy trading with CMSTRADER give you the great chance to learn how to copy trade.

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Copy Trading with Zulutrade give you multiplies options to choose a good social forex broker.

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What Is Social Trading?

Social Trading is defined as the consumer generated content and users sharing trading decisions during the act of trading online. The sites related to social trading provide users with different tools to give important information for the smart trading decisions and smarter investment. For example, the social trading platform will enable the users to see the portfolios of other users and share news feeds and also look at the overall performance for the better understanding of the strategy.

The trading tools can help users to communicate on different trading forums, exchange insights, ask questions and discuss strategies along with developed investment relationships. This type of trading transparency is very useful in managing informed decisions and developing own strategies based on what’s trending. The moves are not only limited to learning but you can also copy some of the best moves of the traders if you choose the feature known as “Copy Trading” allowing you to become a successful trader.

Why Choose Social Trading?

Diversity: While trading, diversity allows you to keep the risk low. Social trading allows users to spread the investments across the various assets, markets, and traders.
Simplicity: Social trading offered for online trading assets is very easy and instinctive feature which is accessible for experienced and new users.
Reliability: Since social trading operates under very strict rules and regulations, the social trading network by eToro is trusted by millions of users worldwide.
Transparency: Social trading offer transparency by exposing every trader’s risk score, portfolio, and previous track record to help all the users make wise decisions while copying.

Benefits of Social Trading

The practice of social trading is beneficial to inexperienced as well as a new trader. As a beginner, it can get little difficult to learn the ins and the outs of forex trading. The learning process can be daunting that’s why social trading offers attractive and easy trading options to the investors. Here are some of the outlined beneficial factors of social trading:

Users can easily benefit from different trading methods and style: social trading networks can allow you to copy and follow any successful and desired trader you want. You can take risk of copy trading with higher volumes whole be little more conservative with small volumes less frequently. The risk level, history and success report is available to you for much-informed decisions.
The social trading platforms like eToro etc. help an amateur investor from copying and learning from an experienced social trader. Social Traders who get followed receive commissions on all the winning from the traders who copy their trading strategies. Even the successful trader can copy and learn from others to expand their profile and delve into other interesting areas.
Social trading also offers informative analysis. Instead of the only emphasis on analyzing the trends and data to predict the stock market, there are lots of people sharing their tips and techniques with you.
Trading can be monotonous at times, but social trading is really fun. Trading on the social network platforms with same type of people, providing, interacting and sharing the insight of techniques and everyone making money is an amazing way to trade. Some of the platforms run tournaments and competitions to add more excitement and lots of fun to trade forex.
Forex trading can be somewhat mundane, but Social forex trading is fun – Forex trading can be lonely and mundane, but forex trading on a social network platform with like-minded people, interacting, providing insight, showing off techniques, and making money is an exciting way to trade forex. Some of these social trading platforms offer competitions and tournaments to add another level of excitement and fun to trading forex.
As we have been discussing the copying the traders and their market strategies for the better outcome, this feature is commonly known as Copy Trading. This innovative feature is part of social trading that attracts millions of users to invest and participate in the social trading network. So, let’s take a look at this very popular social trading feature.

Platforms for Social Trading

The social trading has become very popular in last few years and with every passing year, there has been a tremendous increase in the similar platforms. Most of the best social trading platforms offer similar services such as mirror trading, copy trading etc. and their ability to help in communicating with each other.

Since this type of trading thrives on social aspects, the best trading platforms have seen the most active trader engaging in multiple trading communities. These platforms offer efficiency in copy trading analysis of successful traders. Here’s the list of five most famous social trading platforms:

CMS Trader
Risk Involved In Social Trading

Though social trading is an easy and popular way to get started with the financial market, you also need to understand that no matter what field you are in, there is always some risk involved and social trading is no exception. Remember that whatever money you plan on investing in the trading networks are subject to the investment risks and includes possible loss on your initial investments. The risk is based on the choice and type of social trading platform you choose for the trading. Each network has a different approach in managing hands on to off money management.

Therefore, before you plan on investing through any of the social trading networks, study a little about their risk and money management disclaimers and regulations. Always set realistic goals and don’t allow your emotions sway you to something new. Simply stick to your initial investment plans that you understand well and always remain patient by evaluating your overall performance for weeks.


So there you have all of it, the comprehensive social trading overview and its famous feature copy trading and what all it offers. The evolution of social and trading networking has given way to some of the highly innovating trading’s on different social platforms. It has a lot of offer and definitely here to stay to encourage more modern trading technologies. The best parts of this type of trading are the transparency level, amazing communicative factor and the copy trading feature that makes it stand out among many other platforms. With little careful insight and basic knowledgeable use of trading skills, you as an investor have much potential to up skill yourself or simply relax and create a passive income flow. However, always be patient and be updated with risk and other updates associated to the trading from time to time to avoid any big loss. So, are you still waiting for your first step? We say you go ahead and all the very best for the amazing ride of stocks, Forex and in the world of finance.