Social trading review of CMSTRADER – A leading copy trading company

Many people have built a fortune through the forex trading. After all, this is more than just the numbers for many people. Many people get fascinated by the prospective opportunity of making money while many are led blindly. But one of the leading online forex investment advisors is CMSTrader that brings truckloads of suggestions and updates in the form of advice to help investors.

Who is CMSTrader?

It is a leading forex investment registered under the holding company of Safe Side Trading Ltd. The company provides customized trading wealth management for all the client. With years of experience behind the team, CMSTrader is known to conduct the operations with utmost integrity and professionalism. Currently, they are operating from four different countries; New Zealand, Bahrain, Dominica, and Australia.

Why CMSTrader?

As CMSTrader is one of the new brokers in the copy trading industry, so far it has done pretty well in making the name in the world of CFDs and competitive online forex trading line. Despite its establishment in the year 2013, the trading community considers this broker as the best among a lot of many broker companies. Traders are signing with CMStrader without any hesitation. So, the question arises how did they manage to deliver such high-level trust in the trading community.

– Integrity and Professionalism:

Firstly, even though CMSTRader is being regulated for one of the jurisdiction, there has not interference on conducting the operations with integrity and professionalism. They are currently able to offer the traders with full suite platform for trading and also making a wide selection of the accounts to suit their varying needs. There is a well-designed trading platform from everyone from beginners to the seasoned trader. The newbies have access to the social trading which mitigates the overall need to have good trading experience.

– 24/7 Customer Service

CMSTrader offers the rare and one of the exclusive customer support services for 24/7. While most of the leading brokers have limited support hours during the trading week, CMSTrader has also covered the weekends. Their staff communicates easily with the clients as they are bi-lingual. The company makes extra effort to offer prepaid CMS MasterCard to its clients so that withdrawals can be done easily and more efficiently. In the industry saturated with the share brokers, there only a few brokers offering such developed product.

The Copy Trading Platform

CMSTrader gives the most famous trading platform, the Sirix Mobile as well as MetaTrader 4 platform. Both the platforms are very easy to understand and there is no need for downloading. The trading platform is beneficial for those who are always on the move and also who trade from their mobile devices and tablets.

  – Sirix WebTrader

This CMSTRader platform offers the total trading solution to trade precious metals, currencies, stock indices and commodities. The trading aspect offers traders the complete power to make the profit without having a background in forex trading. The trading platform is an online platform without the need of downloading and it also allows traders to trade in real time, following the sale price, purchase and adjust the trading lot size, new order and use the social trading by copy traders.

 – Sirix Station

This trading platform offers the combination of configurability and stability in a downloadable trading platform. Its spontaneous interface allows the traders to understand how to make trades, including one-touch trading which also directs the orders for the CMSTrader’s top liquidity providers on an immediate basis. Traders can take healthy advantage of charting feature to help you calculate the market patterns and also the news event effects, empowering the traders to react quicker when every moment counts. Traders can also access the real-time information from Social stream of Sirix to check how members of the Sirix community are working and reacting to the trading conditions

– Sirix Mobile Trader

The Sirix CMSTrader Mobile platform offers the ease of staying informed on the status, account at every point of time from their tablets or mobile phones.


CMSTrader gives four types of trading accounts which includes:

  • Mini Account: Mini account requires a small deposit of $500 but also offers over 120 different pairs of currencies along with the personal training.
  • Silver Account: Their Silver account starts with the $5000 deposits and also provide traders the direct access to the online trading room and contact their research team and also offer the option to place the orders over the call.
  • Gold Account: To open the Gold account, you will need $50,000 and you will get fully customized service to your investment needs in long, medium and short terms and choice of variable or fixed spreads.
  • Exclusive Account: These accounts are only available for those who invest the minimum $100,000 to start the trade. The account is only available on the invitation.

Islamic Forex Account: This account is specially created for all the clients with Islamic belief and who wants to trade under the complete compliance of Sharia law. It adheres to all the principles of Islamic law and Riba and there is no accountability of the positions left open at night. The account holders for Islamic Forex will also enjoy the benefits of other accounts as well. We were really pleased to see the CMSTrader also offer all the traders a demo account.

Trade cryptocurrencies with CMSTRADER 

On CMSTRADER you can trade cryptocurrencies in two different ways crypto – Eur/Usd (leverage 1:5) or crypto – crypto (leverage 1:4)

The list of which cryptocurrencies CMSTRADER have is here:

Bitcoin – Ethereum – Litecoin – Ripple

Company Features

CMSTrader gives an option for choosing from a very long list of indices, currencies, gold, commodities, and oil. Also, in addition, the stocks of companies like eBay, Apple, Google and some well Saudi stocks are traded through the Circus, an International platform that helps in implementing the whole trading system as CFDs using the leverage offered by CMSTrader

The site sends signals to the trader accounts whenever there is the opportunity to sell or buy orders at certain points; an overview of pricing and included loss ration. The signals are directly sent via messaging service to a mobile phone for major trade currencies on the exchange, precious metals and foreign goods. 

The site flows smoothly from page to page and traders can also apply for an account from different locations. The designs are done well and no really too flashy and the ticker for the ongoing stock is situated at the bottom of the homepage.


The firm has introduced several new features of their already broad educational lineup. At their education center, the account holder can easily take advantage of the informative video lessons which are available on demand in different languages. The lessons include the technical and fundamental analysis, trading psychology and advanced trading strategies. Investors can also test their trading skills at end of course and also monitor the final results.


The company offers refer-a-friend promotion as an opportunity to both referrer and the person who is being referred to ear add on cash. Also on reviewing the website, it stated there are no limits to the welcome bonus,


Both deposits, as well as withdrawals, are made via credit cards. The minimum to maximum withdrawal limit is between $500 to $10000. The traders can also withdraw using the prepaid MasterCard that also works like the prepaid credit card. The registered users can use following deposit options such as Wire Transfer, CashU and Credit Card. For the withdrawal options, users can utilize any of the options that are available under the jurisdiction of the user: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, CMS card. In terms of safety of your account, CMSTrader is very particular and ensures that no-one from non-trading circuit gets a single of piece of information on your profile. The website does not allow non- account holders to even access the site data. The transactions are secured and guaranteed to function under safety and regulation terms.


– The firm has multi-lingual, 24/7 customer service support

– Different account types availability

– Prepaid Master Card for easy payment options

Selection of different trading platforms and no dealer interference

Interactive course for tips and tricks on Forex market and social trading

A wide range of trading assets such as gold, currencies etc.

The bank offers continuous execution with world’s most premier financial institutions, competing to offer the firm best bid price.


– The firm is only regulated in the New Zealand

– The website does not allow access to non- account holders.

– Lack of trading information

– No major support for Asian languages.

The company has higher minimum deposit than many brokers


CMS Trader has turned out to be a great opportunity to make sure that investors are getting much-required success in high competition. The investors are opting for profitable plans in the cutthroat competition to ensure the high profit. The website is accommodating and user-friendly and also offers the important features that the traders would need.

To conclude, CMSTrader strives hard to make sure that their traders enjoy the trading experience. They are slowly trying and improving the service level by continuous trading innovation. CMSTrader has always remained true to the commitment of staying ahead of rest of the brokers in the constantly evolving industry. CMSTrader is truly one of the biggest tools in the trading domain that offers to manage accounts of their clients and promise the steady success for the long term.