Social trading review of eToro – The sensation in social trading

There are some stories that will touch the heart today in the business of forex trading. Why is this so? So many people do not know how to go about forex day trading, but they are attracted by the prospects therein. Many are being led by the blind. For you to make it very easily as a copy trader; your only option is ETORO.


The technology of doing things is changing with every passing day of the week. This is one platform that has gone deep into the latest trends as far as social trading is concerned. Their approach is with clinical precision. Today, it is no exaggeration that this platform has become the world’s leading social trading network.

Do you desire a smarter trading method? The technology of things in this field has gone beyond laboring to do things yourself-when you are not an expert in the first instance. ETORO is home for millions who are making their fortunes trading forex.

Now back to the question: Why ETORO?  When you join this winning train, you will be entitled to copy the experts at no extra cost or with fear of libel. Simply copy them to get returns on your investment. When you are copied; you will get a share of the profit made by those that you copied. So with them, it is a win-win situation. Is that not a novelty? The reason why you have not hit it in copy trading is that you have not joined ETORO.

eToro Social Trading Platform:

There is no online trading platform that has carried out a revolution in the mold of what this social trading platform has done. Traders who have come on board this platform have sweet stories to tell. To most of them; they have reasoned that the starting letter “e” in the name of his “forex broker” simply means easy trading.

The above definition is due mainly to the fact that copy trading turns out to be very easy on this platform. Never have things been made so easy and secure like what they are experiencing for now with this Cyprus based online trading broker. Currently, there are three different trading platforms on offer to traders. You can not have it as good anywhere else; this is their exclusive.

  • eToro Webtrader

This is one web platform in a class of its own. The interface you will find on the pages is one that you can easily relate with. There are no unnecessary complications like in so some other web platforms. An experience on this web platform will make any trader comfortable during trading.

What about the luxury of an online chat during the course of trading? The overriding goal of this service provider is the success of every trader.

So when you are in the thick of the action and you need help on the way forward; you can hit the chat button. If you want to do things your own way without the inputs from others, you are well secured because by no means will anyone interfere with your copy day trading. This business has not been so very easy like this platform is presenting it to all her traders.

The operation is web-based and this makes it possible for everyone to trade from the cozy comforts of their location. No matter your location in the world; if you are located in the furthermost part of the world; all you need is your internet connections and all these benefits will be at your beck and call.

  • eToro OpenBook

The social media have been alive like never before. There are millions upon millions on the social network as of today and the number is not decreasing but it is increasing. People are making money on the social media; most especially on facebook. The e TORO OpenBook is the response of this service provider to the social media.

When you open an account on this platform; you will have millions of subscribers who you can easily copy; it saves you the stress of coming up with your own trading strategies. Traders will see what others are doing real time and will be able to know what is safe trading thereby cutting down on risks. You can easily copy expert traders and make the gains.

  • New eToro Mobile Trading

There are many copycats today in this notch. That is a lazy man’s approach and one that may bring up issues. It is with that in mind that e TORO went the extra mile to invest in money and resources to fashion out their own unique mobile trading device this technology that is exclusively theirs can work on both Ios and Android devices and on any tablet. They are very simple to download on any of these devices.

The download is free. You can withdraw and as well as make deposits while on the go. As for security, you are guaranteed a bank level security. You trading can go on anywhere in the world in as much as you have internet connections in your location. 

Cryptocurrency trading with eToro

On eToro you can trade differents cryptocurrencies here is a list of which ones you can trade eToro.

Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin – DASH – Ethereum Classic – Ethereum – Litecoin – Ripple

leverage is 1:5


e Toro only allows trading in US currency. But there is no cause for alarm because your currency will be converted into the US dollar. Accounts are subject to regional regulations; so depending on the regulation of your region, the minimum deposit rang from $50-$1000.

When it comes to withdrawals, it has also been made easy. There is a cashier section on the web; simply click on it and a form will be displayed on the screen. You will required to fill the form. Withdrawals can be made through any of the following methods:

Credit card


Bank transfer

For first time withdrawals, the following easy to meet conditions are required. They are all safety measures geared towards ensuring that you did not become a victim of ripoff. The conditions include:

A clear color copy of your passport accompanied with your written signature

A clear copy of a utility bill that is three months old or less bearing your current address of residence

In addition, if your deposit is via credit card; then a clear copy of both sides of the credit card will be required.

Those are the steps that are aimed at guaranteeing the security of your funds. With e TORO, there is a maximum security on your funds.

It is very important to let you know the charges that you will incur for every withdrawal request. The rates of the charges are not one that will tear into your earnings. They have been categorized in accordance with the amount you are withdrawing. Below are the highlights:

 $5.00 for withdrawals of $20 – $200

 $10.00 for withdrawals of $200.01 – $500.00

 $25.00 for withdrawals over $500.00.

Every withdrawal takes upto five days before your money gets to you. And because a third party is involved in the payment method; withdrawals can take a longer time. The bottom line lies in the fact that your money will safely get to you.


We have taken time to dwell on the aspect of banking to make it clear to you that there is a perfect chain in this line of business. Your objective is to make more money. When eToro receives your money they manage it for you. They will guarantee the success of your trade through a solid, easy to follow trading mechanism. In fact, this is forex trading at its best.

The security of your funds cannot be toyed with when it comes to your interests. Nobody will like to commit his investment to a drain pipe and that is the major reason why all the necessary precautions were taken to ensure that there is no error in the way funds are handled.

With e Toro, you are assured of trading with peace of mind. Your earnings will surely get to you-guaranteed. 


There is no forex broker like e Toro.They are the world’s leading social trading platform. If your interests are in stocks, there is a place for you on their platform. What about indices? They are the masters when it comes to that. This is the only platform on which you can trade with confidence. The problem with traders on other platforms is that they trade with the fear losing their investment. With e Toro, fear is thrown into the trash bin.

The beauty of things here is that the activities are fully regulated under top European regulators. As for the safety of your funds, they are kept under top 1 tier European banks. So you see, your funds are safe and under close watch.

You deserve the best of privacy when it comes to matters of your trade with them at e Toro. Your privacy is kept under the best condition you can ever think of. No bank will do it better because the standard set is that high.

If you want to hit it really great in trading forex; then you have to join the bandwagon of successful traders on the platform that it happens. What is that platform? Your guess is as good as mine. eToro is it! They are simply the best.